We’re not just broadcast radio anymore.

We offer fully integrated, multimedia campaign strategies to achieve your organization’s marketing objectives. We listen to your goals, and we custom develop an integrated strategy that best suits your specific needs. We deliver advertising solutions that create real, measurable results.

iHeartMedia Charlotte is more than an advertiser - we are a partner. We don’t consider our work a success until we get you results!

We are where your customers are.

Streaming. Broadcast. Concerts. Mobile.

iHeartMedia Charlotte delivers music, news, sports, and one-of-a-kind music and entertainment events to the Charlotte market. We are everywhere your customers are: on-air, on the web, on-site, streaming online in their cars, at their homes and offices, and on their mobile devices. Our unique multimedia reach allows us the cross-platform capability to communicate your message anywhere and everywhere.

The Reach of Radio

Radio continues to engage over the decades - 90%+ of consumers listen to radio every week.

Radio remains one of the three main market media in the U.S. Listeners spend nearly 3 hours daily with radio vs. only 1 1/2 hours per day with their smartphones.

Radio is more mobile than what is called mobile

Radio is listened to more out of the home than in the home, while mobile web and apps are consumed more in the home. Radio is also mobile at scale, aligned with key purchase decision moments.

Radio advertising works

“…an ROI double that of even the best results from many recent digital or TV media.” - Advertising Age

Radio matches theconsumer decision process

Radio is most often the last media consumed before shopping. It also has the ability to affect shopping decisions in real time, while shoppers are in the store.

Of mass merchant shoppingdecisions occur in store

Of grocery store decisionsoccur in store

Of mass merchant shoppershave no shopping list