Duke Energy Carolina Panthers 2016 Social Media Graphics

Super Bowl Graphics

These are concepts for the social media team in the event of both a Super Bowl win or loss. It is a copyright violation to use terms such as “Super Bowl,” “NFL,” “Panthers,” or “Carolina Panthers,” so we needed to be careful and creative with our language so as not to violate the NFL’s copyright restrictions.

Unfortunately, the Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos. Here is a graphic that was developed in the event of a loss. This makes a visual play on “#1,” as that is the number that Panthers quarterback and 2016 NFL Most Valuable Player Cam Newton wears.

In the event of a win:

Featuring an illustration of a trophy resembling the Lombardi Trophy.

These were created to highlight the words “super,” “bowl,” and “champions” without explicitly using them together (to avoid copyright infringement). They are playful and fun, referencing coffee and the Southern breakfast staple grits.

This is an infographic style image showing energy usage statistics from the last time the Carolina Panthers were in the Super Bowl in 2004, when they lost to the New England Patriots.

NFC Championship game

These were developed in the event that the Panthers should win the NFC Championship game, which would put them advancing to the Super Bowl.