1065 The END 20th Birthday Bash Concepts

1065 The END has been on the air in Charlotte since 1995. A birthday party concert was planned for its 20th anniversary year, which had a birthday party theme (Including “birthday cake” in the form of the band Cake). I developed three distinct concepts for the branding of the party – I started with what would be the poster design, and one final direction was selected from there.

My first thought was to echo the design aesthetics of the 1990’s, particularly the look of 90’s rock/grunge/alternative which was in full swing when 106.5 signed on. I looked at some old posters that the END has from previous concerts early in their existence, as well as other 90’s era alternative rock/grunge artwork, including sources like Raygun Magazine (which famously featured the work of David Carson). This was eventually chosen as the final theme. Social Media graphics and web banner ads were then developed.

106.5 has recently simplified some of the visual elements in much of their branding, going with simplified elements and a lot of black and white as color a color scheme. This as a modern and simplified take on a birthday party poster.

Since the END wanted to use a birthday party theme in some of their on air messaging, I also created a poster design that had a very specific birthday cake/birthday candle/birthday party look to it, very much like a child’s birthday party invitation.