Who Am I?

I have been working professionally as a designer for close to 14 years, and my path has wound through many disciplines in the design universe. I’ve spent that time in both the web and print worlds, have helped develop brands and new logos, and done some web coding. I’ve played art director for development teams and at photo and video shoots, shot and edited video and photography from concerts and live events, and created website and social media content, including animation and video.

Throughout the years I’ve been able to grow my experience as a designer in both small and large team settings, in large B2C and B2B corporate environments, the radio and entertainment industry, an in-house agency for a large non-profit, and I have agency experience as both an employee and freelance consultant. I have experience with designing, advertising, and marketing across a wide spectrum of products and services from utilities, the tech space, home improvement products, and entertainment.

I live and work in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I’m not wearing my designer’s hat I’m probably playing guitar in my 90’s band, going for a run, cheering on the Carolina Panthers, painting, or planning the next travel destination with my wife. Also, Netflix.