Aaron Gillespie Microsite

This was a freelance project for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Aaron Gillespie of the band The Almost and formerly of the band Underoath traveled to Haiti with the BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse after the earthquake that struck in 2010. He helped with humanitarian aid operations that were going on there, and recorded a song and music video while there. Created in 2011.

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Note – video area originally had a multi-video player hosted at the BGEA site which had related video thumbnails to the right of the main player; that player is no longer live and has been replaced by a YouTube embed.

Video credits:
Produced by: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association/Samaritan’s Purse
Exec. Producers: Duane Gaylord, Tim Smith, Bill Coger
Line Producer: Arthur Rasco
Director: Kevin Adamson
Director of Photography: Tracy Eakes, Erik Murphy
Camera: Erik Murphy, Tracy Eakes, Kevin Adamson, Paul Sherer, Daniel Camienish
Audio: Josh Duncan
Editor: Slade Baird
Colorist: Slade Baird