Guardian Angel Dinosaur Website

I play guitar in a band that started as a 90’s cover band, although lately we’ve been incorporating more original material as well. We have since changed out name to Zero to Give.

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(Note: the Facebook widget will not function properly, as the Facebook content exists now in a different place since the name change.)

The site was responsive and employed Facebook, Soundcloud, and YouTube embeds to connect visitors to our social media presences. As there were several embeds and some CSS/jQuery animation, I programmed it to utilize lazy loading functionality so that the content doesn’t load until it comes into view (this keeps the animations running smoothly, as the site isn’t trying to load everything all at once).

I also created an “I love the 90’s” version complete with animated fire gifs, scrolling ticker text, Papyrus, simulated tables and cells, and all that early 90’s goodness as a “just for fun” project.