Guardian Angel Dinosaur (I Love the 90’s Version)

I play guitar in a band that started as a 90’s cover band, although lately we’ve been working on more original material. As we still have a 90’s alternative rock feel to our music, I wanted to revisit the “golden age” of 90’s web design in this satirical site. I’m still trying to convince the other guys to let me use it for real…

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I love the 90's
I love the 90’s!

Here we have multiple fonts including Comic Sans and Papyrus, an overabundance of animated gifs, the look of old tables and cells, scrolling text, a bunch of glaringly competing patterns and colors, elements that don’t align quite just right, and even a fake visitor counter –  basically a delightfully horrible revisitation to that 90’s Geocities look and feel.

This site is responsive and employs Facebook and ReverbNation technology, so it is built to current web standards with a 90’s veneer.